• If the person you are sponsoring is your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner who has no dependent children, or your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner whose dependent children have no children of their own, or your dependent child who has no children of his own, then you are not obliged to prove that you have an income that is at least equal to the minimum necessary income as published yearly by the Canadian government However, if you are receiving social assistance for a reason other than disability you are not eligible to sponsor. Unemployment insurance benefits are not considered social assistance.
  • When you sponsor a close relative or a family member for permanent residence in Canada, you promise that you will support that person and any dependents accompanying him or her to Canada for a period of three to ten years, depending on the relationship to you and the age of the person, so that they will not need to apply for social assistance. That means providing for their basic requirements: food, clothing, shelter and other goods and services required in daily life. Any dental and eye care as well as other medical services not provided by the public health system are also included.
I am a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident and I am unemployed. Am I allowed to sponsor a family member?